Battery Management Unit (new!)

The Battery Monitoring System (BMS) gives essential battery information which includes: the number of charge/discharge cycles, temperature, electrolyte level and other data. The device includes a sim card for wireless communication for access to real time data from any computer or smartphone in the world. Alerts and a variety of reports are available.

Fleet Management

Manage your fleet of electric equipment with battery data devices and matching software. Monitor energy throughput, state of charge, temperature, charging cycles, and other critical data. These low-cost, easy-to-use solutions pay for themselves many times over as you insure proper usage and maintenance of your equipment.

Watering Systems

Battery maintenance, historically has been a slow, inefficient and potentially dangerous business. To this day, many industrial sites and thousands of golf courses are using manual watering methods that typically take 20 to 30 minutes to fill each battery.

Battery Watering Technologies is the world’s leading manufacturer of battery watering technologies. Distribution centers, factories and golf courses are turning to the smarter and safer approach to battery maintenance.

Battery Filling Systems</strong> is the world’s leading manufacturer of battery watering technologies

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