EnerSys Industrial Batteries

NexSys Battery (New!)

The Nexsys battery uses Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology to offer exceptional performance with zero maintenance. The benefits of the Nexsys battery over conventional lead acid technology make it revolutionary to GSE. More Info ...


Introduced in July, 2002, the Deserthog is the newest addition to the EnerSys Ironclad® family of batteries. It's the most "maintenance free" flooded battery in the industry!

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First introduced in 1910, the EnerSys Ironclad® design is well established as the performance leader. Since then, EnerSys Ironclad Batteries have proven themselves as reliable, rugged performers in thousands of applications and work environments. Workhogs by EnerSys, are available in sizes to fit vehicles from small personnel carriers up to the largest 100,000-lb. lift truck.

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The Superhog is our top-of-the-line powerhouse. For the longest runs, highest lifts, and most demanding industrial and warehousing applications, turn to the super performance, long life, and easy maintenance of the supercharged Superhog...setting the pace since 1987.

The Superhog delivers consistently higher voltages, so your trucks maintain optimum travel speed and lift quicker. Superhog 110- and 155-AH Batteries go the distance, with no worry of over-discharging, premature battery changes or production stops. More Info ...



The Smarthog line offers the industry's first 23" and 31" high, 80- and 120-AH fully sealed, valve regulated lead-acid batteries. 60-, 45- and 28-AH sizes are also available. Clean, safe, and efficient, Smarthog Batteries by EnerSys eliminate the need to remove vent caps, add water, or take hydrometer readings. At the end of the work day, simply connect the battery to your charger.

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Our High Utilization Positive (HUP) batteries feature a design that's so unique, it's patented. Our engineers teamed up with DuPont chemists to design a flooded battery that's so dependable, it's backed by the longest standard warranty in the business (5 year full warranty + 2 years pro-rated). It ensures you receive more runs per shift, a higher capacity for sustained performance during each shift, and less maintenance downtime.

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The General

General Battery is a quality, flooded battery. Cold storage, high racks, sprawling manufacturing sites, and distribution facilities all demand battery power that performs, and the General series delivers.

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