Industrial Battery Chargers


The Enforcer SCR charger is the most versatile charger in the industry. It uses an intelligent microprocessor to control charge current and voltage during the charge cycle. This precise control allows the EnForcer SCR to charge a range of battery technologies including high gravity, VLRA and TPPL

Enforcer Impaq+ CHARGERS

EnForcer IMPAQ and IMPAQ+ modular chargers represent the best-in-class high-frequency charging solutions for GSE applications. These modular chargers offer intelligent charging with advanced efficiency and the flexibility to maintain peak efficiency at all times. . It can charge at conventional charge rates or fast charge rates, and it's available with an indoor or outdoor enclosure.


The Redline Fast Charger is designed specifically for the high demands of Ground Support Equipment. Utilizing high frequency technology and the most advance ionic charge profile, Redline Chargers deliver the fastest recharge while being gentle on batteries.

All Redline Chargers come standard with outdoor enclosures and data capabilities. Optional battery modules and communication software provide the most advanced charging control and reporting.


The Enforcer 400 Hz charger operates on existing 400Hz power. Available “on-board” your GSE vehicle, there is no longer the need for expensive electrical infrastructure and stand alone chargers. The Enforcer GSE is a fast opportunity charger so you can plug 400hz power into your vehicle at any time for quick recharge. It is intelligent microprocessor controlled and can be programmed for all applications and batteries.

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