Industrial Battery Chargers


Air Cobra chargers blend the charging control advantages of Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) technology and the efficiency of ferroresonant technology. This unique combination thrives in both hot and cold environments, and while charging high-gravity batteries. So only the Air Cobra ensures a complete recharge under every operating condition possible. The Air Cobra also meets strict airport standards for power factor and THD. Available in indoor and outdoor enclosures.

EnerSys Air Cobra chargers allow you to program the finish rate you need. The SCR’s provide a constant finish current regardless of battery voltage. The resulting complete recharge means greater battery performance and longer battery life. The result is higher productivity and a better on your investment.


The Redline Fast Charger is designed specifically for the high demands of Ground Support Equipment. Utilizing high frequency technology and the most advance ionic charge profile, Redline Chargers deliver the fastest recharge while being gentle on batteries.

All Redline Chargers come standard with outdoor enclosures and data capabilities. Optional battery modules and communication software provide the most advanced charging control and reporting.


The Enforcer 400 Hz charger operates on existing 400Hz power. Available “on-board” your GSE vehicle, there is no longer the need for expensive electrical infrastructure and stand alone chargers. The Enforcer GSE is a fast opportunity charger so you can plug 400hz power into your vehicle at any time for quick recharge. It is intelligent microprocessor controlled and can be programmed for all applications and batteries.

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The EnForcer HF IQ charger is versatile because one charger can charge batteries of various voltages and capacities. EnForcer HF IQ chargers are always ready for opportunity charging which reduces and sometimes eliminates the need to change batteries during a shift or workday. Advanced HF IGBT Technology EnForcer HF IQ chargers utilize advanced High Frequency Insulated Gated Bipolar Transistor (HF IGBT) charging technology. Because the EnForcer HF IQ can deliver charge rate based on the constant diagnosis of the battery, much less heat is generated. This means longer battery life and less maintenance requirements.

EnForcer HF IQ charges deliver the high power factor and high efficiency to save power and money. The battery chargers save money by delivering a minimum of 95% power factor. The battery charger has a high efficiency rating of 91% or greater as compared to many conventional chargers which only achieve between 60-80%.