Industrial Battery Services

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1. Service Technician

More than 450 trained technicians staff a nationwide network of service locations and mobile vans. These service professionals have been thoroughly schooled in every aspect of battery and charger technology. We also return our technicians to the classroom every year for formal updates on changes in technology and new products.

Our network is served by our National Parts Center in Richmond, Kentucky. This center stocks over 300,000 parts including battery cells, charger parts, and battery room safety equipment. We can ship parts within 24 hours to respond quickly and efficiently to special needs.

No other battery company can come close to matching the sales, service and support capabilities of EnerSys.

2. Battery Recycling

Our complete Battery Recycling Program makes it easy for you to help preserve our environment, and to protect yourself from the penalties of non-compliance. We will pick up your spent lead-acid batteries regardless of size, quantity or manufacturer. You may also deliver them to one of our depots.

We exceed the law's requirements by giving you complete recycling documentation, including Recycling Certificates.

You are in full compliance with all the fast changing EPA, DOT and/or other federal and state requirements.

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